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Dear Internet: Please read for comprehension, FFS.

Example 1: If I write about Batman, a new Android phone, and Bradley Chelsea Manning on my personal “Mark Mercer” Facebook, and write about moving to Uruguay on my Uruguay Expat Life blog/website, Uruguay Expat Life Facebook / Twitter / Google+, (in fact there’s TWO of them there), all of which have “contact me” options, or are inherently a contact mechanism, a la the Tweety-box… Where do you think you should ask me about “Can I move to Uruguay and get residency?”

Right. On the Batman post. In a comment. Then bug me about “waaah didn’t you see my question from a whole hour ago???“, in a comment, on the technology post.  Unless you’re “the goddamn Batman”, no.

Batman saying

All rights reserved and copyright DC Comics. Fair Use, courtesy of Know Your Meme website where I abducted the goddamn image.

Example 2:  If I skewer your hipster travel-bloggy, “everything is relative and all cultures are exactly of equal value and nobody should judge anything” puffball by saying, “Then you must be ok with Female Genital Mutilation, and want to attend an FGM ceremony and blog about it, because it’s a traditional cultural value”, I am not supporting FGM. (What, are you dense?) Nor am I drawing the false-equivalence between FGM and Dog-Eating (the subject at hand with the puffball). I am saying, “your hipsterism bloggy-whiner cultural relativism über alles is absurd”, because your passionately defended hipster-logic would make that disgusting conclusion mandatory.

Don’t make me send the goddamn Batman after you. Even if the new one is, goddamn Ben Affleck.

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