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WordPress Twenty-Thirteen, bloggy whiners, and circle jerkers

Apropos of nothing other than blogginess, I’m going to stick with the default theme from the newest version of WordPress, “Twenty-Thirteen“, at least for a while.  Unmodified, más o menos.

This isn’t my web and social marketing business site; I don’ t feel like making this a “demo”. This blog is where I’ll talk about stuff that’s important to me, personally, as well as what may tie into my writing. It’s not where I need to shine up all the fancy chrome. I did just enable Twenty-Thirteen’s off-by-default sidebar and popped in my @mcmxs Twitter feed in there, so we can converse cross-nets easily. But that’s going to be pretty much it for me.

If, like me, you too are a bloggy whiner this new free WordPress.org theme might appeal. The official wordpress.org schtick for WordPress 3.6’s default them is “Back to the Blog“. By that, they appear to mean, putting the writing foremost, not all the other uses into which WordPress has grown. Logically follows: Get all the crap out from above the fold, from out of the content area entirely.  All the widgets and other chock-full-of-offers content locations, out of the way, stuffed down in the footer. Most of them disabled, and the footer being the only “widget area” by default.

“Affiliate marketers” and “Blog Network” types and those in “The Business of Blogging” are gonna hate this theme! But, they’re not going to use it either, because they’re mostly self-marketing to each other with their “programs” of “how to make your business grow online with my coaching”, showing up in widgets and “landing pages” and overlays and other crapola everywhere.  They’re all going to be using the “Frameworks” and getting into Thesis vs Headway vs Genesis wars.

Ever notice that you can form circle-jerks of “Build Your Ideal Life” folks?  Blogger A who has endorsements of how Blogstress B’s “program” helped her “grow my list”, while Blogstress B has glowing (paid affiliate) links to Blogmaster C whose “bootstrap your digital life” coaching helped her “design her ideal lifestyle business”, while Blogmaster B credits his rocketing online success to what he learned taking Blogger A’s course?

What’s missing is the same as what’s missing in the USA and the Global North’s economy – none of them actually make anything! 

Selling stuff on the web is great, I love entrepreneurial-level capitalism by non-assholes, and even by entertaining assholes. (A label I should perhaps own for myself, ¿verdad?) But they/we are all fundamentally selling something of value:  Logo design. Translation services – professional and accurate to the local dialects and regional variants. Writing (and selling) books about transformation. Running a website for vacation and tourism information in English (or French or German) to attract travelers to your new Spanish-speaking country, or helping people considering living there find extended-term accomodation. Giving solid information and bootcamping on how to build a brand and yes, you too can get the hell out of your rut in the USA and become a global citizen, with actual solid info and kick-in-assiness, not fluffy-bunny marketcrap. Coaching on how to fund your expat life, by somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about, and who gives a lot of free “gift culture” good karma stuff, not  all “buy my program”. Making artisanal Doctor Who custom jewelry and selling it on Etsy (at least until the Beeb’s lawyers arrive with DMCA takedowns and threats of being sent to the Tower, and Etsy in its scumiliciously horrific ways immediately perma-bans you). Web development. Social Media Management. Virtual Assistant services.

I Fucking Love Online Entrepreneurs. Including the “online coaches” As long as at some point, it connects to actually doing shit in the real world.

But not the bloggy affiliate circle-jerkers.

Hey, I guess today’s post was about something, after all. 

PS: If you’re a bloggy whiner (I mean that as a good thing!) on the Free-as-in-beer, but not  Free-as-in-freedom, commercial WordPress.com service, you too can use Twenty-Thirteen. Or on the paid part of WordPress.com too. In fact you could use it before we “self-hosted” bloggy whiners could, we with the incorrectly named “wordpress.org sites”. (Your site is never at wordpress.org if you are self-hosted, the software is downloaded from wordpress.org and then installed by you at your web host, or by them on your behalf, or by the magic one-click install, or by you paying me to do it…)

PPS: I put a crapload of links to online entrepreneurs, location independent digital nomads, and other people who are designing their ideal lifestyle, in this post. Not a single damn one of them is an “affiliate link” nor any other type of “pay-to-play”, not even the ones where I used my preferred URL shortener, is.gd, to create a custom-name link where I did enable their non-default tracking statistics. I did that to get an idea of my own “reach”, not to make money. Hell, some of them are competitors to my and Lisa Marie Mercer’s new venture,  Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing, and others to our Uruguay Expat Life. But they’re also friends, partners, co-workers, co-opetition partners, and damn fine people.

PPPS: Natalie Sisson, Marie Forleo, or some other “top tier” names, or those just “below” in the “designer lifestyle” circuit like Amy Porterfield, Amy Scott, Ameena Falchetto, if you’re reading… No, I don’t mean you – you put out a metric boatload of good inspiring stuff, including plenty of free gift-culture stuff. But some of the people you occasionally feature are, to put it kindly, annoying as shit on toast. Let’s just say, Danny-with-an-I and an “ay-yay-yay how much spam can one man send after a single free-session signup!?!”

  • Glad you got this off your chest!
    I’ve been a little busy the last few months with the birth of my daughter but I’ll certainly keep on delivering free gift-culture, as you put it, to my readers. Thanks for your appreciation!

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