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Thank You Followers Old and New!

I know I’m a hard act to get sometimes.

Is this guy posting about travel, politics, science fiction, science, cultural commentary, social media, web technology, aviation, writing, pop culture, or what?


Yet this week, I finally broke through the 4000 follower threshold I’d been dancing near to, but never crossing, on Google+. Apparently many of you like at least some of the above even if few are into all of the above. I break a lot of rules on social media by not segregating my personal posting into multiple personas for my different interests. I can’t really separate the different colors, tunes, threads, thoughts, of the passions of my life. My followers and friends are thoughtful and open enough to take and read what they like, engage in sometimes intense but respectful and smart conversation, and bypass what isn’t their gourd of mate.

I do follow, mostly, the don’t mix politics and business rule, which is why you don’t see much of that crossover onto Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing nor onto The Uruguay Expat Life & Uruguay For Me Site Network, nor onto The Fuzzy Wanderer – unless there is a specific political issue that impacts web/social communication, expat living and immigration to Uruguay / emigration from USA, or travel.

Thank you all again for becoming part of my life and letting me into yours.

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