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My site is back, now rehosted, expect new rants soon!

This site, my too-infrequently updated blog and home for my other writing, has been “off the air” for about two weeks. Mainly because I’ve been too busy to re-host it. I was using a server on a hosting account I didn’t plan to renew. “Didn’t plan” too-soon became “oops I never got around to renewing it.”

Big dog in a small chair.

I was at the computer desk working so long, Señor Whistler el Galgo (greyhound) took over my chair.

I have backups, of course. But I’ve also been doing a lot of exploration of other web hosting and virtual server options, both for client sites, and Lisa’s and my own network of sites. So the backups sat in the cloud, and the site disappeared. However, I was a busy boy on US Labor Day, and now have a Virtual Private Server spun up at Digital Ocean (in fact, I have 4, but this one is for our personal sites and for client shared hosting). It’s still in the European Union, so all that good snarky stuff about non-in-USA-of-NSA still applies. But it moved from Paris to Amsterdam.

I haven’t fine-tuned it, so it may be glitchy and grumpy. Which makes it like its owner, me. But in just a few hours, I went from bare-metal to having a multi-site virtual server on a Linux setup running on solid state disk, while also doing a client site update on another VPS. Pretty cool offering.

So cool, in fact, that I’m giving anybody who wants to try their own Digital Ocean VPS “droplet” hosting a $10 credit with this link: http://is.gd/getdigitalocean – and their servers start at only $5/month, so do the math! Somewhere in the next week or three, I’ll have a blog post on the steps involved in setting this up optimally for the typical WordPress blog or online entrepreneur’s site. Which is not by using their prefab “WordPress” option. That writeup will probably be at my and Lisa’s Southern Cross Web news/articles section, so that we don’t go all technobabbly here, but I’ll link it back and it’ll be on social media.

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