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About Mark Mercer

Mark Mercer is a multi-talented, multi-career, survivor of the mind games and economic manipulations of the late-20th and early 21st-century Global North.  A Former Corporate Tool, and someone who doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario.  Never got rich (in monetary terms; rich in love, friendship, experiences, memories), but never rule him out of the game. There are always possibilities.

Mark Mercer smiling on a windy winter beach

Mark at Playa Brava de Atlántida, Uruguay, a few blocks from his new home. The late-winter winds blow away many ills.

Illness, job loss, generational and structural career destruction happens, the economy crashes, and home is foreclosed? Well, there’s bankruptcy, section 8 housing grants for low-income apartments, subsidized community health clinics with awful care and terrible waits…

Or, toss it all away, and move to South America! Move into an affordable (if you know how to do it) and free country (certainly more free than Century 21.1 USA), and start being an independent digital entrepreneur, while living a better life than in the USA. Oh, and 3 blocks from the lovely Uruguayan coastline. If you’re going to be “on the beach” in your career, hell, take that one literally!

Mark spent 25 years working for major companies in software development, as an analyst, programmer, leader, database developer, information security consultant… but never forgot that he was simply “playing a role”, and that some day that show would close. Time to audition for the next, or maybe even put up his own production. Though never a commercially successful actor, Mark took an actor’s approach to life – the play’s the thing, it’s all a role, all the world’s a stage. Be fully and truthfully in the moment of what you’re doing, “believe” it, but don’t go so insane as to literally believe that you are now only that role.

Working, over a lifetime, as a rock radio DJ, retail customer service manager, computer programmer, actor, voiceover artist, ski instructor, business owner, and some callbacks into long-unused “functions”, may seem confusing to some people, and not to have a through line. Makes total sense to Mark. Fortunately for him, it also makes sense to his partner, best friend, and wife, Lisa Marie Mercer.

Unlike his charming and talented wife (Mark only knows talented, brilliant, opinionated women!), Mark is not yet “widely published”. He is currently writing two books – The first, a near-future dystopian thriller set in the USA Pacific Northwest, involving secret drug trials and social blowback in the decades following 9/11. Some draft chapters of that untitled work have appeared on Facebook, and updates will follow as life allows.

The second, an in-progress work with the same title as, and inspiration for, this website: Falling Off the Hemisphere.  This will will feature Mark and Lisa’s journey of reinvention, but more universally, the varied journeys of many smart, insightful, life-altered Post-Global-North, Post-Corporatocracy-brainwashing, survivors/victors.  As of this August 2013 writing, Mark expects both books to be available sometime in the first half of 2014. Some sample snippets soon on this book too.

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