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Please note that “private” does not mean “secure”, as email is inherently not secure. Even if you and if I both are using a VPN or TOR or other encryption/obfuscation, there is no guarantee that the message doesn’t pass between your and my providers’ servers, and their intermediaries, in cleartext.  If you have a comment or feedback on an article or other site content, instead of emailing me, how about “sharing with the class”, by using the comment feature at the bottom of every post and page?  That way it’s public, creating a discussion for you, me, and others to discover and expand.

If you do still want to send that “private” email massage, here you go:

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This will arrive at the email address of my choice. Which may well be outside of the USA, and thus make you a “target” of PRISM and XKeyscore, or other NSA spying programs, even if you are a “US Person”. It also will record, “on your permanent record” so to speak, in the USA giant NSA data warehouse, the uneraseable fact that you emailed (via this form) somebody in one of “those countries.” It’s highly likely that your message will go to me at an address from a Russian email provider, or might use my .SO Somali domain (yes, I have one of those.)

Aren’t you glad you’re free? Tell me about it!



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