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Apropos of nothing other than blogginess, I’m going to stick with the default theme from the newest version of WordPress, “Twenty-Thirteen“, at least for a while.  Unmodified, más o menos.

This isn’t my web and social marketing business site; I don’ t feel like making this a “demo”. This blog is where I’ll talk about stuff that’s important to me, personally, as well as what may tie into my writing. It’s not where I need to shine up all the fancy chrome. I did just enable Twenty-Thirteen’s off-by-default sidebar and popped in my @mcmxs Twitter feed in there, so we can converse cross-nets easily. But that’s going to be pretty much it for me.

If, like me, you too are a bloggy whiner this new free WordPress.org theme might appeal. The official wordpress.org schtick for WordPress 3.6’s default them is “Back to the Blog“. By that, they appear to mean, putting the writing foremost, not all the other uses into which WordPress has grown. Logically follows: Get all the crap out from above the fold, from out of the content area entirely.  All the widgets and other chock-full-of-offers content locations, out of the way, stuffed down in the footer. Most of them disabled, and the footer being the only “widget area” by default.

“Affiliate marketers” and “Blog Network” types and those in “The Business of Blogging” are gonna hate this theme! But, they’re not going to use it either, because they’re mostly self-marketing to each other with their “programs” of “how to make your business grow online with my coaching”, showing up in widgets and “landing pages” and overlays and other crapola everywhere.   (more…)

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