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I know I’m a hard act to get sometimes.

Is this guy posting about travel, politics, science fiction, science, cultural commentary, social media, web technology, aviation, writing, pop culture, or what?


Yet this week, I finally broke through the 4000 follower threshold I’d been dancing near to, but never crossing, on Google+. (more…)

This site is not only my author and punditry site, it’s also a bit of a technical sandbox, at least for now.  I’m deliberately running “Falling off the Hemisphere”on the least-expensive virtual private server I can spin up, Simple Hosting from Gandi.  I’ve got a limited number of 50% discount coupons if you want to try it for yourself! (ed. Not any more, sorry!) I’ve also got a $40-off coupon (ed. This deal is still good!), from my other preferred provider, if you like traditional “shared hosting”.  (more…)

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