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Yes, there actually is a book happening…

Here’s a first draft of a chapter fragment. Immune Response. Hopefully gives you an idea of what “Falling off the hemisphere” means. Hint: Your world is not what you think it is. If you’re from the so-called “First World” of the Global North (which includes you guys in New Zealand and Australia too, even though you’re Down Under with me in the Southern Hemisphere geographically), you need to de-program yourself in order to heal yourself.

Because you are ill. So was I. So are we all. Our countries are ill…

(If you can’t see the Google Drive embed version in your browser, perhaps because of security settings blocking iframes and the Googleplex itself, here’s the direct link to the Google Drive Docs sample chapter. )

Politico-technobabble: This website is not hosted in the USA*. But my chapter samples are being hosted at the Googleplex as public shares from Google Drive (Google Docs), because, hey, Larry and Sergey can afford the bandwidth. Also because I am using Google Drive at least as backup storage and Android write-from-phone tools, when not writing natively in Open Document Text format on my Linux or Windows PC in IBM Lotus Symphony (a relative of OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice but with a cool tabbed interface like your browser).

*Deeper dive technobabble: You may well be getting it from a server in the US, so don’t get all snarky with your IP2Location and traceroutes, mmkay. Last night I put it onto the CloudFlare global Content Distribution Network service, for reliability, speed, and additional security. Depending on where CloudFlare decides to make Falling’s home server, it may be in US, may be in UK, may be in any of their global datacenters as primary. Then, where you end up getting it served to you from may be somewhere else entirely. But fundamentally, this site is hosted in Paris, France, at GANDI on their Virtual Private Server “Simple Hosting” product. Under French and EU privacy laws, and they’re pissed at Obama and his indistinguishable predecessor right now about all this PRISM shitstorm. Not that France doesn’t do its own internet spying. But they’re way less likely to share just for shits and giggles and reciprocal rights violations with the USA, the way the stooges of the Five Eyes do with each other. Now, sorry you read this far down the page?

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