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Baby goat sticking its cute head out between fence boards at the local zoo

Photo by Lisa Marie Mercer © 2014

Yes. I’ve been missing entirely from this blog for half a year.

You will note that period includes the height of idiocy back in the US with government shutdowns, crazy “defund Obamacare” repeated attempts to get different results from the same headbanging, and other general lunacy. If I had tried to really express what I thought about all that, my blood pressure would pop.

I’ve also been working, building up our web and social media biz, writing, and ranting in shorter spurts on social media. The short-hits do less to the blood pressure than longer, organized essays. You can find most of my other haunts from my profile on this page, and all the rest of them from my About.me profile. I invite you to debate, comment, follow, throw tomatoes, or otherwise engage with me at one or more of them.

Some more work done on Falling Off the Hemisphere the book, though not where I expected to be. Of course, a major point of that memoir and cultural commentary is that you shouldn’t expect nor plan so much about where you expect to be. I’m finding that this oddball part-memoir of a Great Recession survivor, part-social-critique, is being driven more by events and less by memory, and may well totally revamp concept as to what it should become.

As to the SF story, I am busy jettisoning what I find of “first novel syndrome” so as to avoid putting every single good idea I’ve ever had for a story into that one novel. Nobody needs another book that has the equivalent of all of: Ninja librarians, human cogs in a mechanical computer, telepathic cetaceans out for vengeance, leftover space weaponry run by robots, electricity not working, and arguments over narrow-gauge vs standard-gauge railroads, all on one first novel. No, that is not what mine is about. Yes, somebody actually did that. Souls in the Great Machine was a good read even with all that, but it bloated that book somewhat, and got odder in the sequels in attempts to deal with all of those premises. I think it’s well worth the read, but it could have used half, or even less, of those angles for its post-fall dystopia.

I’ve already got goats, psychotropic secret government experiments, probably a murder or two, and a near-future US that has a tone rather fitting to the political views I express on this blog (once in a blue moon when I get around to it!) I think I can take out some of the other stuff rattling around in the stewpot before I go down that narrow-gauge track to where WTF was this author smoking lies in wait.

I shall resume posting here, with a mix of the political, cultural, creative, and the utterly random. However no promises about schedules. Fall has arrived in Uruguay, and windy grey days often blow in a muse, so there is hope!


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