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Want to move to a new land? Need to move to a new land? Thousands of us, not just me, have “fallen off” their own part of their figurative little hemisphere, their own portion of the world we each believed in. ¬†Each person has a different story. Some of us decide to make a change of location, country, legal residency and even perhaps citizenship, part of our self-reinvention, our response to the global chaos. That’s great! Some, to a society and culture where they visually stand out by virtue of height, or hair color, or skin color. Really, that’s just how the world is presently grouped. But it shouldn’t be your decision driver. If it is, you suck.

Example: if your reasons for coming to my new home country of Uruguay, or some other country, are “there are no black people here”, then I truly do not want to know you. No, not even if I could make money doing business with you. ¬†You’re an evil asshole. You’re also wrong about afro-uruguayos, not just an asshole. (more…)

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