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Oh, that’s nice. President Barack Obama “wants his space” about the Federal Reserve Chair nomination he has to make soon. He has had his minions let us all know that He Is Not Amused that some Senators dared to contact him with actual advice, taking their responsibilities seriously, rather than just doing the expected rubber-stamp consent part of Advise and Consent. Even if they are from his own party. (Perhaps if Barack Obama had actually spend some years in the Senate, being a Senator and doing Senator-stuff, instead of Running-For-President from day one, he might “get it”?)

Obama wants some ‘space’ to make Fed decision – Yahoo! News

A guy’s gotta come out with that “baby I need my space” thing sometimes, and obviously it won’t fly with Michelle, so he uses it here. Just how much “space” does Obama need to choose between,

A) An eminently qualified person, currently serving on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, currently the Vice-Chair of it, whom warned and continues to warn about the very things that crashed the global economy and could do it again,


B) One of the very people whose actions and recommendations helped crash the global economy, one tightly connected to the Banksters behind it, one who helped ensure none of the powerful were punished, and who did little to help anyone except the same Banksters recover from it? ¬†Someone not currently serving on the Board of Governors of the Fed, which means that not only would we (as in everybody impacted by the US Dollar, which sadly means everyone on Sol III) be stuck with this person as Fed Chair for 4 years, but would simultaneously have to be appointed and confirmed (technically,¬†first appointed and confirmed) as a Governor of the Federal Reserve. Which is a 14-year, no-recalls, no-fire, not-at-pleasure-of-the-President position. So even if the next President can’t stand him, she/he/hir/ou, and we, are still stuck with with this person as a Person of Power.
Tough choice, eh? Need lots of “space” for this one.¬† (more…)

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