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The cat on top of the kitchen cabinets

Oh what a feelin', up at the ceiling.

RIP Blackcomb, AKA Boston Blackie, AKA Mr. Black. World-class cat. World traveler cat.

May 1999 (somewhere around May 7) Boston / Brookline (found right by the borderline) , Mass, USA – August 25, 2013, Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay.

Black cat on chair arm with quizzical look

Blackcomb running the place at our temporary Tacoma apartment

Brookline, MA to Dillon, Colorado. Dillon, CO to Raleigh, NC. Raleigh, NC to Tacoma, Washington State. Several trips back and forth between Raleigh and Dillon, between Tacoma and Dillon, while we foolishly hoped the destroyed economy might have let us sell our modest Colorado home instead of it being foreclosed.  

Finally, Tacoma, WA back to Dillon, CO for a few months at the start of 2012. In June 2012, Dillon, CO to Montevideo Uruguay as the best under-seat pet who didn’t “stick his head out, not even one little bit” (as the Copa Airlines staff warned me sternly, before then moving us up to better seats with a smile!) One year of good health, happy times, and his first backyard ever, before he fell ill in June 2013. Most of that with his dog brother Whister, who followed him to Uruguay, in much less comfy accomodations, in September 2012. 

Long way to go for a Maine Coon Cat mix, longhair domestic kitty, found bleeding and pus-oozing in a paper bag in May 1999. About 2 weeks old and near death. But not ready to die, not that day, not that place. 14 more years and a continent away, before that day would come.  Which was still too damn soon… (more…)

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