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You may have been wondering, if you followed my blog, “Where did that overly-opinionated guy Mark get to?” (Or, you may have been saying “Thank heavens he’s stopped writing that rant-y blog.”)

Heh-heh. Though I’ve been remiss about blogging on this site (and very remiss about writing the rest of the darn book which title is also the title of this site, and the other book, and the short stories…), I have been far from silent on the various socio-econo-politico-clusterfraks going on in our world. The global economic crisis (which is still happening for most of the 99% at least in some spheres of our lives), the US elections, Brexit and its transatlantic and global implications, inequality, general malfeasance of the elites, and my eclectic perspective of being sort-of-libertarian on some things, raging-socialist on others, and even some traditional-conservative on role-of-government and fiscal policy, while having progressive views on social issues. (That’s because there is more than just a “left-right” political dimension, and even that single x-axis goes out a lot further “left” and “right” than USA-ians believe, and a typical “US liberal” is actually “center-right” by most of the developed and highly-developed developing world.)

Let me (re-)introduce you to my social media public rantspaces:

My Twitter (@mcmxs because those are my initials and I do things to excess. Also because long ago I used Salomon XScream skis.)

My Google+ posts, and if you only want a politics-related subset, my “US Politics” Google Collection. with at present 221 posts in it(!) since starting using that feature a few months ago.

Mark Mercer's Google+ Politics posts collection.

For those of you who are all “I don’t do Twitter”, “I don’t use Google+”, “Don’t make me join something”, “Isn’t Google+ still dead?”, “Nope nope nope they violate all my privacy”FFS they are also Just A Website. You don’t have to “join” to read – which is why my most important commentaries begin on G+ and/or the Tweety-box. Just click the darn link to the story, or go to google.com/+MarkMercer and twitter.com/mcmxs and read away. You can even have adblocking things and privacy tracker blockers with Block All The Things settings, as long as you don’t have them so insane-paranoid set to block Twitter when you are already on twitter.com or block Google when you are already on Google! I like the adblocky-things, I use them, I just linked to a bunch of them, and if you hover over the links you’ll even see a short write-up of exactly what they are and why I like them. But let’s be serious – if you’re on Twitter itself, you kinda-probably want to unblock Twitter for use on Twitter.com itself, mmkay? Same for Facebookistan ant the Googleplex when you’re in such places. Otherwise it’s like you just rented a hotel room and then deliberately threw away your hotel key while you’re outside your room. (more…)

Baby goat sticking its cute head out between fence boards at the local zoo

Photo by Lisa Marie Mercer © 2014

Yes. I’ve been missing entirely from this blog for half a year.

You will note that period includes the height of idiocy back in the US with government shutdowns, crazy “defund Obamacare” repeated attempts to get different results from the same headbanging, and other general lunacy. If I had tried to really express what I thought about all that, my blood pressure would pop.

I’ve also been working, building up our web and social media biz, writing, and ranting in shorter spurts on social media. The short-hits do less to the blood pressure than longer, organized essays. You can find most of my other haunts from my profile on this page, and all the rest of them from my About.me profile. I invite you to debate, comment, follow, throw tomatoes, or otherwise engage with me at one or more of them.

Some more work done on Falling Off the Hemisphere the book, though not where I expected to be. Of course, a major point of that memoir and cultural commentary is that you shouldn’t expect nor plan so much about where you expect to be. I’m finding that this oddball part-memoir of a Great Recession survivor, part-social-critique, is being driven more by events and less by memory, and may well totally revamp concept as to what it should become.

As to the SF story, I am busy jettisoning what I find of “first novel syndrome” so as to avoid putting every single good idea I’ve ever had for a story into that one novel. (more…)

Oh, that’s nice. President Barack Obama “wants his space” about the Federal Reserve Chair nomination he has to make soon. He has had his minions let us all know that He Is Not Amused that some Senators dared to contact him with actual advice, taking their responsibilities seriously, rather than just doing the expected rubber-stamp consent part of Advise and Consent. Even if they are from his own party. (Perhaps if Barack Obama had actually spend some years in the Senate, being a Senator and doing Senator-stuff, instead of Running-For-President from day one, he might “get it”?)

Obama wants some ‘space’ to make Fed decision – Yahoo! News

A guy’s gotta come out with that “baby I need my space” thing sometimes, and obviously it won’t fly with Michelle, so he uses it here. Just how much “space” does Obama need to choose between,

A) An eminently qualified person, currently serving on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, currently the Vice-Chair of it, whom warned and continues to warn about the very things that crashed the global economy and could do it again,


B) One of the very people whose actions and recommendations helped crash the global economy, one tightly connected to the Banksters behind it, one who helped ensure none of the powerful were punished, and who did little to help anyone except the same Banksters recover from it?  Someone not currently serving on the Board of Governors of the Fed, which means that not only would we (as in everybody impacted by the US Dollar, which sadly means everyone on Sol III) be stuck with this person as Fed Chair for 4 years, but would simultaneously have to be appointed and confirmed (technically, first appointed and confirmed) as a Governor of the Federal Reserve. Which is a 14-year, no-recalls, no-fire, not-at-pleasure-of-the-President position. So even if the next President can’t stand him, she/he/hir/ou, and we, are still stuck with with this person as a Person of Power.
Tough choice, eh? Need lots of “space” for this one.  (more…)

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