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Here’s a first draft of a chapter fragment. Immune Response. Hopefully gives you an idea of what “Falling off the hemisphere” means. Hint: Your world is not what you think it is. If you’re from the so-called “First World” of the Global North (which includes you guys in New Zealand and Australia too, even though you’re Down Under with me in the Southern Hemisphere geographically), you need to de-program yourself in order to heal yourself.

Because you are ill. So was I. So are we all. Our countries are ill… (more…)

The Mercosur logo, light-background verson with the Southern Cross in blue, MERCOSUR in blue, the arc of the separator in greenHere in the Mercosur, the somewhat chaotic bloc of partner-rival nations where I now live, there’s a saying… “The South is our North.” The implication being that the “true north”, the guidestar, the pathway ahead and up into a bright future, is to the South.*

My book-in-progress (yes, of course I’m writing a book, isn’t everyone nowadays?) is titled¬†Falling Off The Hemisphere. The title imagery a referback, of course, to the idea of falling “down”, the deepset sensewashing that “South” is “Down” on a map or a globe of Earth. ¬†Which means, of course, that I’m still oriented from the North. (more…)

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